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Visual Engagement: Customer support's new best practice

By: ICwhatUC • 03 November 2022

What is visual engagement, how can agents use it, and what is the ROI? Our guide to visual engagement answers all of your questions.

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One of the most common chasms between customers and support teams is time. Customers want answers to their questions, but they don't want to wait for a response. Virtual support solutions can help close this gap by offering fast, reliable responses without requiring your customers to wait in a queue.

How to automate your scheduling workflow with Acuity

By: Kristen Gray • 24 November 2022

The days of customers calling a company for consultations and support are over. With online booking services like Acuity Scheduling, it’s easier than ever to queue up virtual customer appointments without any manual effort on the part of you and your team.

When customers buy a new product, there are three moments that really make-or-break the experience – when they choose the product, when they set it up, and when something goes wrong. If you meet your customer needs at each of these three touchpoints, you’re already pulling ahead of your competitors.

Support your customers remotely at their time of need

Online reviews are impactful because they reach people with purchasing intent – a total of 93% of new customers consult reviews before purchasing a product or service. With virtual CX, your team can start receiving and leveraging better quality reviews.

Early adopters of connected products might be able to handle self-installation with minimal guidance, but for the majority of consumers, smart devices can be challenging to install and connect to the other devices in their home. As a result, support teams have started to leverage new technologies to improve their customer journey.

Customers want more authentic engagement opportunities. From choosing a product, to setting it up and supporting it, customers want personalized experiences. It’s important for companies to view customer experience as a differentiator, not just a risk management tool.

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