A more human experience throughout the customer journey

Customers long for a more human experience: one that combines the trusted advice and human contact of in-person engagement with the convenience of online. Engagement creates a deeper connection with your customers about the products and programs that are relevant to them. Engagement builds trust. It builds real relationships. That’s what keeps your customers coming back for more. And that’s what IrisCX helps you do. Providing visual intelligence that pairs what you see and hear with what you need to do next, while reinforcing your brand at every step of the way.

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What is IrisCX?

Make your customers happy. It's the only customer experience KPI that matters.

IrisCX is a secure, end-to-end, enterprise-level video platform that uses AR, AI and process automation to power self-help and live video sessions on customer smartphones, at their convenience. No app required. With every interaction, IrisCX collects and analyzes data, so you can continuously get better at knowing and pleasing your customer. And it integrates with your enterprise software, with industrial-strength security customers can trust.

A better experience. For both your customer and you.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through a more human customer experience. With IrisCX, brands can finally deliver the interactions customers want, at scale—a fundamental shift in customer engagement, how you sell, and how you provide support.

It is extremely useful for our experts to visually assess certain situations, particularly installation and troubleshooting of terminals and software. IrisCX gives us the ability to immediately see what our customers see to provide instant support. The IrisCX platform intuitively connects us with our customers to help them when seconds count. As a result, we have reduced the length of support calls because we can instantly see and solve issues, and customer satisfaction has increased significantly.Erin Washburn - Director, Call Center Operations, Electronic Payments Inc.

01 - Choose

Help your customers select the product that’s right for them.

Provide live consultations for your customers and watch your order values and conversions increase.

With interactive consultations at this stage in the customer journey, your team can make sure the product fits their needs and reduce the risk of return or purchase abandonment.

Increase your conversion rate.

Virtual consultations make it easy for your team to influence your customer’s purchase decision.

Create meaningful engagement.

Connecting over video increases the perceived value of your interactions.

Automate your workflow.

Take the stress off of service experts. We’ll set up a system to automate your scheduling and follow-ups.

Access key data insights.

Gain knowledge about how your customers select products and iterate faster on your customer journey.
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02 - Setup

Home products are complex, but the setup doesn’t need to be.

Don’t leave the setup of your product to YouTube. Offer live and self-guided sessions so your customers can access the expertise they need, anytime.

IrisCX simplifies self-installation of home products. CX teams can provide more accurate and dynamic guidance as our AI learns more about their specific installation questions.

Provide support 24/7.

Provide guided support around the clock so your customers can get the help they need, when they need it.

Reduce customer frustration.

Proactive installation guidance can help reduce the stress of setting up a new product.

Let our AI do the prep work.

Our AI will filter the query for you, providing your customer with the right guide for their issue.

Improve on your install guides.

Learn from your mistakes, fast. Our data insights will let you know where your customers are getting stuck.
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03 - Support

Provide engaging customer support with smart video.

Support without visual context creates a challenge for both the customer and the service provider. Add a visual element to your customer interaction and improve the experience for both.

No one likes calling the 1-800 number. Support your customers with live or self-guided video and eliminate frustrating wait times and communication barriers.

Gain more visual context.

Get eyes on the issue and start solving immediately with smart video support.

Build a stronger rapport.

Start personalizing your service conversations so your customer feels heard.

Tailor your service script.

Learn what works for your customers and what doesn’t, and improve on your service script faster.

Discover product trends.

Discover trends in your product performance so you can engineer them out faster.
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Create a more human experience with IrisCX