Transform your customer experience with data-rich remote video collaboration

Enable real-time AI powered video collaboration between service experts and consumers while gaining data-driven insights to automate workflows, improve processes and spot trends. Learn from and act on your CX data. Empower your customers to self-solve on their schedule. Scale your service to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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How it works

Data drives your CX

CX leaders need reliable, minable and predictable data about their service experience. Consumers want instant connections to solve problems and get consultative advice. Service experts lack the tools to visually assist their customers. With our data-rich virtual customer experience platform, service organizations can remotely inspect, assess, advise and solve at scale. Data from the sessions allows CX teams to drive intelligent decision making.


See it. Instant connection

With one click your team can see the task in real time through any connected device.

Solve it. Remote resolution

Built-for-purpose tools and industry protocols to drive remote resolutions.

Scale it. Smart operations

Extract data from your customer sessions to act quickly on new business intelligence.
I find IrisCX to be an extremely user-friendly tool in a constantly changing work environment. The ability to see and speak directly with customers, offers customers immediate assistance and reassurance, which adds to a greater experience for all. This system has been well received by our customers and, so far, proves to be an excellent product in serving our customers.Randy Anderson, ATCO Gas

01 - See it. Instant connection

See what your customers see, without the trip

Start a branded session with any customer on any smart device with just one click. No app, no account, no hassle.

From real-time smart visual assistance to guided self-serve options, our platform enables businesses to modernize their customer experiences through a secure and trusted remote video connection.

Connect without barriers.

With one click of a branded SMS or email, connecting with customers over video has never been easier.

Build trust with branded service.

Create a professional appearance from start to finish with over 35 enterprise-level configurations.

Automate your booking workflow.

Take the stress off of your call center. We’ll set up a system to schedule and queue remote sessions for you.

Share expertise, instantly.

Support your customers wherever they are with visual assistance at their fingertips.
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02 - Solve it. Remote resolution

Use built-for-purpose tools to complete tasks in minutes, not hours.

Support your customers in real time or through guided self-serve options – two approachable models of smart service.

IrisCX simplifies remote resolutions for service experts. Our best-in-class suite of tools enable teams to resolve 60% of their customer concerns without the trip.

Get the issue in focus.

Easily direct your customer through a task using visual context and AR markup.

Uphold industry best practices.

Support your service experts every step of the way with our proven industry protocols.

Flag important information in real-time.

Tag or bookmark information in-session to quickly search, review, and share it later.

Bridge the knowledge gap.

Ensure everyone from call center to field operations has access to the most up-to-date information.
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03 - Scale it. Smart operations

Retain and amplify your team’s subject matter expertise. Permanently.

With expertise at a premium, you can scale your service experts and build a dynamic video library of your team's combined knowledge.

IrisCX gives your business clarity about on-site tasks and customer experiences that you’ve never had before. Build your data library, cut your investigation time in half, and get back to what matters most: your people and your customers.

Mobilize your workforce.

Make every employee a data gathering superhero.

Let us work in the background.

Our scalable, automated approach allows companies to perform semantic and structural analysis on millions of videos.

Build your collective knowledge.

Enable your people to get smarter and more efficient with every interaction.

Activate self-service channels.

Leverage your team's knowledge to launch self service options for common customer requests.
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Adoption made easy

Transition to IrisCX and implement with your current stack to run a faster, smarter business with our powerful integrations.

  • Effortless integration

    Make a significant impact without it feeling like a big change. ICwhatUC allows you to seamlessly integrate our smart visual assistance platform into most major enterprise workflow platforms.
  • Incremental roll-out

    Deploy smart visual assistance at your own pace. With our effortless browser-based platform, you can be interacting with your customers in less than an hour.
  • Available on 6.5B devices

    ICwhatUC’s one click remote sessions enable your team to connect instantly with any smart device.
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