By: Kristen Gray • 24 November 2022

How to automate your scheduling workflow with Acuity

The days of customers calling a company for consultations and support are over. With online booking services like Acuity Scheduling, it’s easier than ever to queue up virtual customer appointments without any manual effort on the part of you and your team.We’re all pretty used to booking meetings through calendar links now, but what if your company could take that one step further? What if your team could automate the end-to-end customer experience, aside from the moment you need to connect with them? You would free up countless hours of stressing over schedules, note taking, and follow-ups.When you use Acuity Scheduling with IrisCX, you can do just that.

Creating an end-to-end virtual support workflow

Product companies that sell through home improvement retailers are now reclaiming their customers by creating their own virtual D2C channel.There are three critical areas in the customer journey where product companies can positively impact the customer experience: when they choose a product, when they set it up, and when they need support.In order to make that process scalable, sales and service teams need to lean on the power of automation.Scheduling automation is only one part of a larger picture. Rescheduling, canceling, and queuing up virtual calls can easily be offloaded using automation. IrisCX automates note-taking, follow-ups, and capturing action items and customer insights.Virtual support makes for consistent experiences and takes hours of repetitive work off of a service experts plate – hours that could be used to provide more high-value service to clients.

Embed your scheduler on your website

Create an “always on service center” by offering your customers the ability to book an appointment at a time in the future that works for them. An added bonus: you’ll take pressure off of your call center experts and you can more easily predict and schedule staff to match demand.Your team can completely offload the effort required to solve simple issues. Virtual self-service allows your customer to access service 24/7 without talking to anyone on your team, unless they need to escalate.

Take the manual work out of reminders and follow-ups

Automate appointment reminders to ensure your customers show up on time and prepared, and let your customers reschedule and cancel their appointments without contacting you.IrisCX will queue, reschedule and cancel appointments within your customer interaction platform with no manual effort on your part. Send personalized follow-ups summarizing your virtual sessions with the click of a button.

Update your CRM automatically

With IrisCX’s Salesforce integration, your virtual appointments will automatically populate in your calendar within Salesforce, eliminating the need to even pop open the Acuity website to make changes to your schedule.You can also launch IrisCX virtual sessions from directly within your CRM, capturing and connecting key insights to their customer profile after the session is completed.

Track the success of your marketing campaigns

Easily track conversions from your marketing campaigns by creating a landing page where your customers can book a virtual appointment.Provide customers with a discount code that links their purchase back to their virtual appointment so you can effectively measure impact on in-store or online purchases.

Never stress about scheduling again

Using Acuity with IrisCX can automate your customer engagement from initial contact to follow up. Your sales and service teams can eliminate make-work tasks related to scheduling and free up time for higher value tasks and customer requests – a win for everyone involved.

Support your customers remotely at their time of need

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