By: Tracy Posadowski • 05 June 2023

Alex Gaw of Dash Networks reports the latest CX win for IrisCX

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IrisCX Enables Great Northern Insulation to Provide Virtual Estimates

IrisCX, the Canadian provider of a smart video platform for visual CX, has been selected by Great Northern Insulation (GNI), Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor, to power virtual estimates, enabling GNI to deliver quotes more quickly and maintain quote accuracy. Using a combination of live consultations and self-guided video sessions for visual context, IrisCX provides cost estimates on insulation projects to customers, who connect to the company through their smartphones.The new virtual service also reduces GNI’s carbon footprint by decreasing the need for physical in-home estimates. With some service locations as much as 300 kilometers (190 miles) away from a GNI office, IrisCX, remote customers can be served much faster by IrisCX than was formerly possible with in-person appointments.“We recognize the opportunity to modernize the insulation industry using technology,” says GNI CEO Bill Maginas. “Partnering with IrisCX aligns with our focus on digital transformation and carbon footprint reduction strategy. It allows us to use data more efficiently and reduces our cost to serve.”Overall, GNI is realizing several benefits from using IrisCX, Maginas notes, including competitive differentiation; fewer truck rolls to reduce overhead costs and environmental impacts; and quote accuracy as enabled by AI, augmented reality, and process automation. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience and the services we offer,” adds Maginas. “IrisCX provides a dramatic improvement that benefits us and our customers.You can read the full article on Dash Networks, including the news from Oracle, ASAPP Financial, IrisCX, WorkJam, and FullStory.

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