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By: IrisCX • 05 July 2022

Employee Spotlight Series: Sabrina Bellisario, CSM


Q: What was your experience before joining the team at ICwhatUC?

Prior to ICwhatUC,  I worked for a SaaS company that specialized in collecting and curating pharmaceutical data. I worked my way through various roles, including Customer Success. During this time, I  gained exposure to the cryptocurrency space by taking part in a start-up crypto project.

Q: What does it take to be a world class CSM?

It involves the right mix of building strong relationships, prioritizing the customer experience, and using intel gained throughout the process to better your product or service.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the best way to onboard enterprise clients?

Having a pre-defined and structured onboarding strategy while remaining flexible, and the most important of all - proper communication.

Q: What do you think is missing in the way that Customer Success is currently done?

The customer success role can derail a bit with too much emphasis on product support. What is lacking  is focusing more on being a partner to your customer and helping them achieve business goals and objectives.

Q: What’s your team like?

My team is the best, obviously.So if we’re talking about CS strictly, I love that we’re a small group, we have a really nice dynamic and we get along really well.Syed is our seasoned ICwhatUC team member, he onboarded me and taught me everything that I need to know. I like that he’s calm and cool and he knows how to communicate and connect with people. He’s also genuinely interested in the product and cares about the customer experience, and he won’t admit to this but we both share a love for the Real Housewives of Dubai (like a real, real love).Jeff is obviously a great manager and a great person in general, I love the fact that he’s based in Ottawa, that was a great surprise for me. He just has the right balance of being a leader, having the pulse on everything, but at the same time being down to earth and approachable. He also has the best collection of coffee mugs.Mercedes – what can I say, it’s sort of a dream come true to have a colleague and friend that I’ve worked with for years join my new company. As much as I was excited for myself, I knew the value she would bring to ICwhatUC. I think she’s already proving that and winning everyone over with her Mexican charm.

Q: What drew you to ICwhatUC originally and how has our company changed since you joined?

The name of the company is 100% what initially drew me in, I mean it’s pretty obvious that the name is unique and a bit of a tongue twister.My curiosity led me to dig around for more information to see what it meant. When I learned about the product and how the idea came to life from a broken garage door, my instinct told me that this was a team that was on to something.It just felt like such a simple solution to a common problem and I couldn’t believe that no one had thought about it yet, or really capitalized on it. I could tell that the company had a strong presence in utilities, but it was obvious to me that this was a product that could apply to many other industries and has a lot of potential.How it’s changed – well, when I joined it was already evolving as an AR platform that allowed us to connect with customers and provide us with all of these tools to have a seamless virtual experience. If we fast forward 9 months, I think that we’ve proven that video tools can help solve problems remotely, and now it feels like we’re looking at the broader picture.We’re automating workflows before and after the call, we’re building out CRM integrations, we’re refining the data capture and the AI capabilities, and soon reporting, so overall we’ve definitely come a long way to say the least.

Q: In your time at ICwhatUC, what has been your favourite project?

My favourite project has been working with Behr on their virtual color consultation program.They started a trial period with us in January, and I was involved in this project from the beginning so it’s one that I feel like I just had a greater investment in. It was pretty challenging because it was a large enterprise deal, there was a lot at stake, and it involved a lot of new uncharted territory for us.The experience was very rewarding and fulfilling for me on a professional level. We executed as we set out, if anything we did more, and they were very happy with the outcome.I’m happy to be part of that success story and I’m even more excited that we have the opportunity to keep working with them.

Q: Which benefits of working with ICwhatUC are your favourite, and why?

I would say the biggest benefit for me is having access to talent. We have the ability to work so closely with our leadership team and the team in general. We have a lot of quality talent and we’re a close knit team, so we have the opportunity of having our work overlapping frequently and being able to learn from each other.A second benefit, hands down, is the platform itself. We have the unique ability to watch sessions and have full visibility into how the product is being used. We gain insights that other companies would kill to have. I’ve never worked with a product like that before and I think it’s really cool.Another benefit for me is the fact that it’s a Canadian company, and that we’re remote but we have in-person opportunities. I worked remotely for a while and I never got to meet some of my team members in person, so the fact that we have this hybrid opportunity is really nice.Also, ICwhatUC knows how to throw amazing parties.

Q: What is the most unique part about working here?

What’s unique about working here is our product. It’s this novel idea that hasn’t really been done before, although people would try to compare it to other video conferencing platforms.As a team, we’re building out this platform and navigating new waters together. We’re learning about new industries, how they’re using the platform, what matters to them, what doesn’t. We have this platform that has the potential to impact so many industries and I don’t think we’ve discovered or tapped into its full potential yet, which I think is really exciting and unique.The other thing I think is really unique about working here, and I think about this a lot, is that what we’re doing is essentially influencing human behavior and interactions, so we’re changing the way that companies provide a service, and the way that customers receive that service. We’re redefining engagement and resolution and I think that’s a big deal.If you think about it, once this becomes widely adopted and people shift to having everything virtually diagnosed before calling someone or self-serving, we will essentially have been one of the first companies and teams to influence that change.

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