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By: Tracy Posadowski • 10 May 2023

Great Northern Insulation chooses IrisCX to power virtual estimates


Great Northern Insulation chooses IrisCX to power virtual estimates

End customers will get faster quotes

CALGARY – May 10, 2023IrisCX, the smart video platform for virtual product selection, DIY setup, and support today announced Great Northern Insulation (GNI) has selected IrisCX for its virtual estimates program. The virtual estimates will allow GNI to better serve customers by providing quotes faster while maintaining quote accuracy. This new virtual service also reduces GNI’s carbon footprint by reducing the need for physical in-home estimates.According to Gartner, 61% of CSOs are already investing in new technology to enable virtual selling.“Partnering with GNI has allowed us to better understand how progressive home services companies are differentiating themselves,” said IrisCX co-founder and CEO Guillermo Salazar. “GNI recognizes that consumers need to be the focus, and to achieve that, business processes must be built to better serve the customer, not the company. Consumers still want the knowledge and guidance an expert can provide but done at their convenience. IrisCX allows companies to do that.”Today’s customers are pressed for time, which is why so many of them don’t want to wait days or weeks to get a quote. By partnering with IrisCX, GNI can now provide its customers with faster quotes in a digitally interactive way. Specifically, the customer can use their smartphone to show a GNI representative the scope of their insulation project, be it a top up, removal or replacement. The entire time, the customer is connected to a live GNI expert via their smartphone who will guide them through the process. It’s the best of both worlds — digital convenience and human touch.“We recognize the opportunity to modernize the insulation industry using technology,” said GNI CEO Bill Maginas. “Partnering with IrisCX aligns with our focus on digital transformation and carbon footprint reduction strategy. It allows us to use data more efficiently and reduces our cost to serve.”With IrisCX, GNI can provide same-day or next-day appointments to homeowners that want to upgrade their home’s insulation and reduce their energy consumption. The quoting practices are focused on providing accurate estimates as the estimator can see the client’s space in real time and ask questions about it to provide a quote.Some service locations are as much as 300 kilometers away from a GNI office, so with IrisCX, remote customers can also be served much faster than was formerly possible with in-person appointments.Maginas said GNI is realizing several benefits from using IrisCX that include:
  • Competitive differentiation.
  • Fewer truck rolls, which reduces overhead costs and environmental impact.
  • Quote accuracy as enabled by AI, augmented reality and process automation.
  • Secure, one-click connections to customers so customers don’t have to download an app or sign up for anything on a website.
  • Onsite teams can view the project before they arrive.
  • All estimates are transcribed and archived to ensure records are accurate.
“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience and the services we offer,” said Maginas. “IrisCX provides a dramatic improvement that benefits us and our customers.”Follow usTwitter: @iriscxglobalLinkedIn: IrisCXIrisCX is a leading SaaS company that is focused on providing personalized visual customer experiences for consumers to make product purchasing decisions, assemble products in their home and receive customer support. IrisCX’s smart video technology connects consumers anywhere to real-time expert help instead of waiting for in-person sales or technical assistance. Brands experience increased customer loyalty, reduced cost of customer and technical support, and a decrease in product returns. Powered by computer vision, conversational intelligence, and machine learning, IrisCX can provide both step-by-step instructions for self-guided use, and live sessions with company experts. Founded in 2018, IrisCX is headquartered in Calgary and privately held, with operations across Canada. For more information, please visit contactGrant ZehnderPRforIrisCX@bospar.com440.714.7958

Give your customers what they want. A more human experience, with IrisCX.

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