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By: Guillermo Salazar • 18 August 2023

Skilled labor shortage has consumers looking to technology during busy summer renovation season


Skilled labor shortage has consumers looking to technology during busy summer renovation season

IrisCX survey reveals American consumers would double their renovation spend if there was a technology to assist them with DIY projectsCALGARY – August 18, 2023IrisCX, the smart video platform for virtual product selection and support, today announced the results of a survey of more than 1,000 American consumers that shows the lack of contractor and service provider availability caused by the skilled labor shortage has caused them to look for technology solutions that can help. The main takeaway is that American consumers would double their renovation spend if there was a technology that could assist them through DIY projects.Most Americans welcome the idea of virtual support due to the inconveniences they’ve experienced finding an in-person contractor or service provider. Nearly one-third of respondents said they’ve been inconvenienced by having work, a meal, a shower or even a restroom trip disrupted by in-person visits to their home.
  • All respondents have contacted a home expert in the past year at least once to solve a problem.
  • 64% have been frustrated by the long waiting periods for in-person home visits, only to find out the contractor or service expert needs to return at a later date to solve the problem.
  • 92% would use technology to solve a problem if provided the option.
A common response to the long waiting times is to simply tackle the problem oneself, which can be a good solution if the problem is simple, such as replacing the weather stripping on the bottom of an exterior door.However, when taking on a more complex project, consumers need professional expertise to help install plumbing fixtures, pick paint colors or lay tile. In response, brands are using smart video to provide expert consultations that walk customers through the steps needed to be successful and troubleshoot any difficulties the consumer encounters.“Summer 2023 has been a difficult time for a lot of homeowners because it’s taken too long for home improvement projects to be completed,” said Guillermo Salazar, CEO of IrisCX. “Imagine pointing your cell phone camera at a problem you’re having or a project you’re taking on, whether it’s insulation, flooring, countertops, or plumbing, and starting the support process immediately? It’s a simultaneous win for brands, contractors, designers and their customers or clients. There’s finally a customer-centric mechanism that can address everyone’s frustrations simultaneously.”How brands can serve more customers and ensure better customer experiencesBrands can serve three times more customers with smart video and existing staff because they no longer have to send an expert for each customer request. Successful companies are now providing smoother customer experiences by allowing customers to self-schedule virtual consultations at their convenience and using visual intelligence to dive deep into the human elements of a renovation project, such as budget, timeline and personal design tastes without having to wait for someone to come to the home.Visual intelligence combines AI with two-way video so homeowners can get issues resolved faster. AI can also make personalized recommendations for color, finishes and products based on the customer’s environment, including the size of the room, how much natural light it has, existing furniture, and more.Remote support also speeds the renovation quote process, enabling contractors and designers to respond to clients sooner.IrisCX makes a positive differenceIrisCX is designed for humans by humans. It puts the customer and the expert at the heart of everything, making it easier for personalized ideas and recommendations, and contextual communication. Otherwise, renovation processes serve the company, not the customer.Brands sell twice as much using IrisCX, and their customers benefit from the convenience. Using AI, brands can learn more about how their products are being used, what competitors are being considered and products customers tend to have difficulty with and can proactively troubleshoot. IrisCX creates insights from this data to help brands better serve their customers while better supporting their experts in the customer experience process.Follow usTwitter: @iriscxglobalLinkedIn: IrisCXIrisCX is the secure, end-to-end enterprise-level video platform that enables a fundamental shift in how you engage with customers. Combining digital convenience with expert consultation, IrisCX lets your professionals virtually visit customer homes to help with product purchasing decisions, installation, customer support, and more. Using leading-edge AI, video intelligence, and machine learning, the platform captures and analyzes data from every interaction to continuously improve your customer engagements, discover new insights and deepen customer relationships. Founded in 2018, IrisCX is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. For more information, please visit contactGrant ZehnderPRforIrisCX@bospar.com440.714.7958

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