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By: Tracy Posadowski • 09 May 2023

Introducing SP Data Digital Powered by IrisCX


Introducing SP Data Digital Powered by IrisCX

"Video is the next great frontier in the contact center. Video provides that best customer experience while allowing our clients to enjoy a healthy profitable business." Introducing SP Data Digital powered by IrisCX.

Dan Plashkes, CEO and Founder of SP Data Digital, and his team are laser focused on how rapid changes in technology affect customer experience, service, sales and the contact center.

"Video is going to be impactful in the contact center and it’s going to be prevalent for retail", says Dan. "Video can dramatically enhance customer satisfaction while solving a complex customer problem with features such as the ability to annotate in real time".

SP Data Digital's contact center solution coupled with IrisCX's Enterprise Smart Video platform is designed to put customers first, with visually on demand and personalized video interactions.

Allow your experts to virtually be there in your customers home and solve even complex problems quickly. Best of all this is with no app or account creation to connect with your customers.

This is a fundamental shift in how you engage with your customers and how you provide support. With SP Data Digital and IrisCX you can finally deliver the interactions your customers actually want and deliver them at scale.

You can check out our demo to see our joint solution in action:

Give your customers what they want. A more human experience, with IrisCX.

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