By: Tracy Posadowski • 27 September 2023

IrisCX video support helps service organizations lower their carbon footprint


IrisCX video support helps service organizations lower their carbon footprint

More timely virtual service improves customer satisfaction, loyalty and share of walletCALGARY – September 27, 2023 IrisCX, the smart end-to-end video channel for virtual product selection, set-up and support, is on a two-fold mission: helping consumers avoid lengthy wait times for in-home service and enabling service organizations to scale their operations while lowering operating costs and their carbon footprint. Instead of dispatching technicians to solve a relatively simple problem or provide a quote, service organizations can visually guide customers through product selection, DIY setup, configuration or troubleshooting. All the customer needs is a smartphone camera that captures the problem the consumer is trying to solve.“Increasingly, consumers don’t understand why they should wait days or weeks for a technician to arrive where there should be a digital alternative. This is especially true for Gen Z and Millennials,” said IrisCX co-founder and CEO Guillermo Salazar. “Manufacturers, resellers, appliance repair companies, service providers, and even homeowner associations are discovering they can accomplish more for less and make both customers and service experts happier in the process.”Using a technology like IrisCX reduces the need for truck rolls and the carbon emissions caused by those truck rolls. Virtual visual support also reduces the amount of waste typically involved in home building and renovation projects because materials estimates can be accurately calculated.According to Gartner, 61% of chief strategy officers are already investing in new technology to enable virtual selling.Changing how traditional companies do businessGreat Northern Insulation (GNI) exemplifies IrisCX’s transformative effect. Instead of sending someone out physically to provide support, estimates or consultations, the company is able to provide accurate quotes virtually. In fact, its virtual estimates are more than 95% accurate. GNI saved over 47,000 miles over a five month period using IrisCX, keeping over 19 million grams of CO2 emissions out of the air.Similarly, 60% of Alberta-based ATCO Gas no-heat reports from customers are solved using IrisCX on the first call. The technology also allows ATCO to save hundreds of dollars per day for every truck that was not necessary.“We recognized the opportunity to modernize the insulation industry using technology,” said GNI CEO Bill Maginas. “Partnering with IrisCX aligns with our focus on digital transformation and carbon footprint reduction strategy. It allows us to use data more efficiently and reduces our cost to serve.”According to a Propeller Insights study commissioned by IrisCX, 74% of Americans would use a virtual home service instead of an in-person visit if there were environmental benefits. In line with that, 76% seek sustainable choices for home-related tasks, like DIY, renovation and building. Among the survey participants, Gen Z and Millennials aged 21 to 45 are the most likely to use a virtual option because it is more environmentally sound than traditional in-person service.“ESG is of great importance to consumers and businesses,” said Salazar. “Customers and shareholders are demanding that companies reduce their environmental impact by identifying and adopting ways of operating sustainability. Apparently, it’s an important enough issue that 76% of participants in a PwC survey said they will stop buying from companies that treat the environment, employees or the community in which they operate poorly.”IrisCX has designed its business processes to be sustainable beyond the benefits it offers brands and customers. Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s culture. IrisCX offers remote career opportunities which eliminates employee commutes, and uses its platform to hold virtual business meetings in order to reduce the environmental impact of travel.Follow usTwitter: @iriscxglobalLinkedIn: IrisCXIrisCX is a secure, end-to-end, enterprise-level video channel that enables a fundamental shift in how you engage with customers. Combining digital convenience with expert, in-person consultation, IrisCX lets your experts virtually visit customer homes to help with complex and high consideration product purchasing decisions, installation, customer support, and more. Using leading-edge AI, video intelligence, and machine learning, the platform also captures and analyzes data from every interaction to continuously improve your customer engagements and deepen customer relationships. Founded in 2019, IrisCX is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. For more information, please visit contactGrant ZehnderPRforIrisCX@bospar.com440.714.7958

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