By: Tracy Posadowski • 05 July 2023

IrisCX named to the Top 500 Hottest Tech Companies at Collision 2023 in Toronto

Eric Rafat of Founders Press has a keen eye for spotting hot new talent. We are excited to be named to his list of the Top 500 Hottest Tech Companies at Collision 2023 in Toronto.Check out his full article and see the list for who's who in tech at Collision 2023.

Give your customers what they want. A more human experience, with IrisCX.

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Online reviews are impactful because they reach people with purchasing intent – a total of 93% of new customers consult reviews before purchasing a product or service. With virtual CX, your team can start receiving and leveraging better quality reviews.

How do you create a customer experience that people love? Make it human. Authority Magazine's Fotis Georgiadis sat down with our CMO Tracy Posadowski. In this interview, Tracy discusses why we assume it's intuitive for brands to deliver great experiences and fall short, and whether or not competition forces companies to deliver a better customer experience.

Our CTO Eradj Khaidarov was interviewed by Nat Rubio-Licht, senior reporter at The Daily Upside about how AI-based innovations in customer experience are being engineered to predict service outcomes to better serve customers. In the article "JPMorgan's customer service vibe check", Eradj was consulted as a leading authority on moving from human reaction to an AI predicted outcome in customer service.